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September 20, 2017
Museums and historic properties/sites
March 25, 2018

AHI Lifetime Achievement Award

This is a special award, for nominated individuals, which recognises an outstanding and lasting contribution to the heritage interpretation profession over a significant period of time.

James Carter FAHI.

The inaugural AHI Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to James Carter FAHI because:

During a thirty year career, James has demonstrated his commitment and effectiveness to the development of interpretation over a long period of time and across all key areas of the discipline.

James has made an outstanding and lasting contribution to the field in a number of key areas, including developing theory in interpretation; informing, educating and training interpreters; establishing interpretation as a profession/discipline; and producing exemplary interpretive projects. James is helping Interpret Europe develop a European-wide training framework for interpreters.

He has been heavily involved with the work of AHI in supporting and promoting interpretation in the UK, including being made a fellow, serving on its governing committee twice and chairing it for two years.

We thank you for all you have done and look forward to what you are yet to do.