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  • Wildmurals

    Contact Name: Helen Shackleton “Helen is a friendly, creative and multi-disciplined artist who brings our natural heritage to life through her murals and design work. She engages audiences of all ages through the use of a variety of media and understands the importance of balancing the needs of both wildlife Read more [...]

  • NovaDura Limited

    Contact Names: Gary Bradley, Commercial Director and Dana Kaye, Customer Relationship Manager Our range of Innovative and Highly Durable Printed Signage can be used for Heritage Interpretation Panels, Cladding, Totems, Decorative & Bespoke Street Furniture, Architectural Signage, Depth Gauges and Fire Evacuation Signage. We are market leaders in terms of manufacture Read more [...]

  • Maltings Heritage

    Contact Names: Michael Foster & Steve Capsey Based centrally in Derbyshire, The Maltings Heritage Interpretation offers the complete design resource for your project. We specialise in small to medium-sized scopes which allow us to manage and produce all outputs in-house. As two creative professionals sharing a studio we are the Read more [...]

  • Ugly Studios Ltd

    Contact Name: Kathryn Jones Ugly Studios is a UK-based design and interpretation company. Our passion is communicating history, culture and the natural world in lively and entertaining ways. Our friendly and easy-to-work-with team offer a comprehensive service that covers both creative and project management: from initial consultation and planning through Read more [...]

  • MBD

    Contact name: Charlotte Angharad – Business Manager Digital Heritage Storytelling We bring museums, heritage properties and collections to life using a blend of art and technology. We have over 20 years of experience in creating immersive and emotive experiences that tell compelling stories from our past. We are storytellers, driven Read more [...]

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