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  • Differentia

    We are a creative design practice that specialises in designing and manufacturing interpretation panels for outdoor spaces, including the design of interpretive structures such as seats, walls, sculptural elements and floorscapes. We are known for our bespoke designs, creating interpretation signs and artistic elements that reflect their landscape setting. All Read more [...]

  • Imagemakers

    Devon Studio & Head Office: +44 (0) 1837 840717 Birmingham: +44 (0)7805 146020 Stroud: +44 (0)7805 144274 Nottingham: +44 (0)7805 144168 Newcastle: +44 (0)7805 144332 Imagemakers combines multi-disciplinary design skills, creative thinking, the latest technological know-how, effective project management and thorough planning to devise genuinely engaging and memorable interpretive experiences. Read more [...]

  • Sheena Irving Audio Visual

    Contact Name: Sheena Irving With over 30 years experience of producing for heritage and museum applications, Sheena Irving has worked with actors from all over the world, directing and producing a large body of audio and video material covering a wide range of subjects. A particular speciality is the production Read more [...]

  • Red Kite Environment

    Contact name: Sarah Douglas Red Kite Environment is a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy based in Gloucestershire, UK. Our services include interpretation planning, interpretation materials and environmental education. We work closely with clients, staff and users, and consult widely with stakeholders and communities wherever possible. Our aim is to develop innovative and Read more [...]

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