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  • Wildmurals

    Contact Name: Helen Shackleton “Helen is a friendly, creative and multi-disciplined artist who brings our natural heritage to life through her murals and design work. She engages audiences of all ages through the use of a variety of media and understands the importance of balancing the needs of both wildlife Read more [...]

  • KBW Design Ltd

    Contact Name: Trevor Kirkpatrick Rapid, effective brand activation. Extraordinary outcomes are possible when you can tell a story that motivates action. KBW works with leading brands and businesses to help shape vision and strategy as well as to design and build great, connected experiences that truly engage audiences to think and Read more [...]

  • Red Kite Environment

    Contact name: Sarah Douglas Red Kite Environment is a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy based in Gloucestershire, UK. Our services include interpretation planning, interpretation materials and environmental education. We work closely with clients, staff and users, and consult widely with stakeholders and communities wherever possible. Our aim is to develop innovative and Read more [...]

  • Creative Good Limited

    Creative Good has comprehensive experience and expertise in the planning, design and production of interpretive and innovative exhibitions for museums and historic sites. We have accrued a wealth of experience in designing for and managing complex issues of content, communication, access and conservation for all aspects of the museums and Read more [...]

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