Professional Development

A collection of resources to help you develop your career as a professional heritage interpreter.

We are always looking to add to this resource section so please contact us if you have a suggestion of an article, report or link that could feature here.

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Best Practice Guidelines

AHI members have access to 16 guidelines which cover a variety of interpretation practice. If you are considering membership, please explore the two example copies below, we hope you find them useful.

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AHI Webinars

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Interpret Wales magazines

Interpret Wales supported the delivery of the highest quality interpretation in Wales.  Between 2001 and 2018 they produced 22 popular magazines which will be available to download here.

Interpret Scotland magazines

This page is currently under construction

Interpret Scotland was an interagency initiative launched in 2000 to help each other:

  • to improve the quality and quantity of interpretation in Scotland;
  • to promote co-ordination at local and strategic level;
  • to share resources, expertise and experience to avoid duplicating effort.