Would you like to work with Forestry England to produce outdoor signage?
March 2, 2022
Interpretation Manager – Expired
March 14, 2022
Would you like to work with Forestry England to produce outdoor signage?
March 2, 2022
Interpretation Manager – Expired
March 14, 2022

Interpretation Coordinator – Expired

The Creative Core is an interpretation design specialist and a force for good in the museums and heritage sector. We believe visitor experience can be a catalyst for positive change in perceptions, places and lives. That’s why our approach puts people at the heart of what we do, with thinking that goes beyond the gallery.

We are looking for a passionate individual who can work collaboratively to create interpretive experiences that engage hearts and heads for museums, heritage sites and cultural attractions.

This role will include:

  1. Interpretive Planning – Responsible for all interpretive elements of a project, including:
  • Master Planning
  • Evaluation / review of inherited interpretation plans
  • Interpretive Planning
  • Exhibition Development Planning
  • Story mapping
  • Subject and image research
  • Content development planning
  • Coordinating content sources, either from client side or subcontracted writers
  • Object / collection coordination between client and design team
  • Facilitation of client / visitor workshops to inform process
  1. Co-production – Responsible for all necessary co-production elements of a project, including:
  • Management of the process
  • Identifying needs within a project
  • Setting achievable and meaningful aims for co-production
  • Facilitating public / volunteer workshops to inform the process
  1. Management of subcontractors as required to deliver full scope of project. These may include industry experts, historians, Activity Planners, writers, illustrators, etc. Working within pre-agreed budgets, responsible for briefing, quoting and ongoing management to ensure best value and practice for both the customer and the Creative Core.
  1. Management of the above process in a timely manner, ensuring all outputs are delivered in time to inform design and manufacture process.
  1. Project overview – Ensuring that interpretive frameworks remain true through concept, developed and technical design. Working closely with the design team to ensure decisions enhance the interpretive outcomes and visitor experience.
  1. Visitor advocacy – Working with clients to ensure they are offering the best experience for the targeted visitor groups and that interpretation is delivered through the most accessible and engaging methods possible within the budget parameters.

Salary dependant on experience

You should be prepared to work from our Huddersfield offices on a regular basis, but with the option to work from home when appropriate (to be agreed subject to job offer), in addition to travel for meetings and working away from home.

Applicants are invited to submit their CV and cover letter to info@thecreativecore.co.uk by 18th March. For more information about the role or to request an informal chat, please contact the same address. Interviews will take place week of 28th March.

Interpretation Coordinator – Expired
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