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January 8, 2019
Discover Rye Harbour – Tender opportunity
January 16, 2019

Eskdale Corn Mill – tender opportunity

The Eskdale Mill & Heritage Trust (EMHT) wishes to appoint a supplier to provide and install graphic panels and wayfinding devices, audio-visual hardware and software and interactives. The appointment relates to the Conservation and Preservation of Eskdale Corn Mill Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF, Copeland Community Fund, Leader and other funders) project at Boot, in Eskdale, Cumbria

EMHT successfully secured HLF, Copeland Community and other funding in 2018 to support renovation and re-interpretation of this iconic historic site. The Mill is due to reopen to the public in June 2019.

Scope of work

New permanent interpretive displays will be developed according to the following packages:

  • Package 1: Production and installation of interpretive Interpretation graphics/signs/panels/labels inside and out
  • Package 2: Production and installation of audio-visual elements
  • Package 3: Production and installation of interactives

Suppliers may choose to tender for one or more package. Each package is designed to complement the others and together must provide an improved, consistent visitor experience. We welcome proposals from one supplier or a consortium of suppliers to provide all three packages.


The overall budget for interpretation is between £60-66,000. Tenders that exceed the maximum budget available will not be considered.

Initial estimates indicate the amount available for each package to be:

  • Package 1: Interpretation graphics/signs/panels/labels - £20-22,000 (plus VAT where charged)
  • Package 2: Audio-visual elements – £15-17,000 (plus VAT where charged)
  • Package 3: Interactives - £25-27,000 (plus VAT where charged)

Project timescales

Eskdale Mill re-opens to the public in June 2019. As such, we must have the Package 1: Interpretation graphics/signs/panels/labels produced and installed by May 2019, to allow time for snagging.

How to apply

Applications in respect of this brief must:

  • Clearly indicate whether you are applying for the delivery of one or more packages of work
  • Describe your approach to the delivery of the package/s
  • Provide a proposed programme of work and indicative schedule to deliver the package/s
  • Detail team members who will be involved with the delivery, and their related experience and expertise
  • Provide up to three case studies/examples of previous work- please confirm the project values, durations, staff roles, and whether the project was delivered on time and on budget
  • Package 1 – case study/example requirements - evidence of high-quality graphic and display panel portfolio
  • Package 2 - case study/example requirements - evidence of imagination, innovation and cost-effectiveness and high-quality AV portfolio
  • Package 3 - case study/example requirements - evidence of imagination, innovation and cost-effectiveness and high-quality interactive portfolio
  • Name two referees who can vouch for your work

Applications must also clearly state:

  • All material/development costs related to the delivery of the package/s
  • Related number of days/day rates/expenses to deliver the package/s
  • Insurance and warranty positions

Please email your application to Lisa Keys, Activity and Interpretation Manager,, copying in Shirley Muir, Project Organiser,, by 10am Monday 4 February 2019.

Please contact Lisa Keys for a copy of the full tender documentation.Please also contact Lisa Keys if you have any queries relating to this brief.