Community Outreach Partnership Officer
June 15, 2022

Community Artist Facilitator

Transatlantic Slavery Connections at Calderstones

Summary of the work:
As part of The Reader’s new National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) project, ‘Making
Meaning at Calderstones’, we are setting out to explore the connections between
Calderstones and the Transatlantic slave trade.

We have set up a group of community curators, who have been working with Laurence
Westgaph, historian and expert in Liverpool’s connections to the slave trade. Over the last
few weeks, they have been working together to uncover the history of the house and
gardens and the people who lived there.

This summer, we are looking to commission an artist-facilitator, with lived experience as a
person of colour and/or professional experience of working on projects related to racism or
slavery and colonialism. The artist facilitator will work with the community curators group,
leading a series of workshops, through which you will co-create an artistic interpretation/
display of the research findings, enabling our visitors to learn about this heritage.

"I am really excited to be working with The Reader and their fantastic volunteers to
delve deeper into the history of Calderstones and the surrounding area, building on
the fascinating research that we worked together on last year."
Laurence Westgaph

Please see the full brief for more information about this opportunity:

Submissions should be made by 12noon 26 June 2022

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