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March 24, 2021
Interpretation & Design Lead – Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
April 23, 2021

Tender: Buckingham Old Gaol Museum – Interpretation Design Consultant and Project Manager

Design brief: design and install a temporary exhibition; carry out a small permanent gallery upgrade and develop associated graphic design of materials.

The Old Gaol is one of the most easily recognisable buildings in historic Buckingham. It dates from 1748, but it now houses a wonderful museum which explores the history of Buckingham and the military heritage of Buckinghamshire.

The museum occupies part of the old cell block and the prison courtyard. The original 18th-century cells form themed display areas, among which are Tudor and Georgian Buckingham, as well as an Edwardian shop and mementoes associated with Florence Nightingale and Flora Thompson.

This tender has three elements to be developed concurrently.

Element #1

To reimagine the present Tudor gallery, to include the permanent display of a newly acquired rare coin, the Richard III half-angel, within a chronological exhibition of artefacts from the 10th to 16th centuries. Whilst the permanent exhibition will not retain all of the content from the associated temporary exhibition, planning should ensure that the core content can be easily re-sited on the conclusion of the temporary exhibition, to its new position in the Tudor Gallery.

Element #2

A temporary exhibition to be focused on the Richard III gold half-angel, and to precede the transfer to its permanent home. It will tell not only how the coin was found and its rarity but of its value and place in mediaeval currency. It will place the coin in its historical context, telling the story of Richard III, his notoriety, his short reign and his demise at the Battle of Bosworth. It will also tell of his relationship with Henry Stafford, the second Duke of Buckingham.

Element #3

The creation and printing of resources for visiting primary and secondary schools (both facilitated and non-facilitated). Content for these materials will be created by the Museum but printing of these resources will require the use of the exhibitions’ graphics.

A virtual exhibition will be created to coincide with the project. ‘Venue View’ will be creating the virtual aspects, to be hosted on the website. Separate funding has been allocated for this, but the appointed interpretive designer will need to liaise with ‘Venue View’ to give access to graphic elements, in order to maintain consistency of branding.

Fee and our requirements

A maximum budget of £15,000 (including installation, fees and VAT has been allocated for this exhibition fit out in accordance with the grant awarded by the Rothschild Foundation. In responding with an Expression of Interest costings should be clearly shown.

All tender submissions will be evaluated to identify the consultant who will deliver best value - balancing quality and price, with a significant emphasis on the quality (Quality 70%: Price 30%).

We require the following information to be submitted with your bid:

  • Details of your initial creative, innovative and exciting designs
  • Agency background, including relevant previous experience and staff allocated to this project
  • Particulars of any relevant experience of working in a listed building
  • Two examples of similar projects, with brief details and images where possible
  • Details of how the tenderer intends to manage the project, including a project plan and timeline. (We’re looking to launch the temporary exhibition in the middle of September 2021).
  • How the tenderer will approach the design interpretation, partnerships, audiences and achieve the required outputs
  • Overall costs (including daily rates and VAT as applicable)
  • Contact details (phone and email) for two references

For a copy of the project’s briefing paper, interpretive plan, to make an appointment for an onsite visit and for more information, please contact trustee Mike Wisbach -

Currently, the museum operates by a Covid-19 Risk Management Policy, the Risk Assessment of which is circulated to all potential contractors for their support and compliance.

Tender submissions should be returned to: Mike Wisbach, with the subject header ‘Richard III Coin Interpretation tender’. The tender return date is 11.59pm on Thursday May 20th 2021.

Interviews will take place by Zoom w/c 24 May 2021