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August 31, 2021
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September 23, 2021

AHI Virtual Conference 2021 – Call for Papers. Expired

There is still time to submit a paper for this year’s online annual conference 2021. AHI's annual conference is the principal networking event for practitioners and academics working in the heritage sector.

The conference title is:

Engage - Creating heritage interpretation for the future

Creating heritage interpretation for the future will reflect on the ways we collaborate with each other, effect change and address some of the key challenges of our time from navigating through the pandemic and economic downturn to shining a light on climate change.

We have three core themes this year:

  • How can interpretation help make a better world - from the power of our collaborations to our role in addressing the challenges of our world?
  • How can our heritage sites be agents of change and, if so, how does that change scale up to wider society?
  • How are we reaching for the horizon – what new ideas, stories or technology are we uncovering, how are we reaching out to new people like those who disagree with us and is telling stories really enough?

We are looking for contributions which will inspire delegates and give them practical examples to take away and work with in their own organisations.

All papers will be curated in order to provide coherent strands within the overarching conference theme to provide the maximum value to as many delegates as possible.

We welcome proposals (maximum 500 words) for:

  • Presentations (20 minutes)

Proposals must include:

  • Job title
  • Contact information. Email and telephone to be included in the abstract submission
  • Provisional title
  • A clear explanation of why the presentation is significant and how it links to the conference theme

AHI will provide one free speaker ticket per presentation for one day of the conference.

Proposals should be submitted by Thursday, 30 September 2021

Submit to

Any queries regarding abstracts or submissions please contact Kev Theaker, or Jim Mitchell,